Poker Detox’s MTT Coaching For Profits

The most in-depth, scientifically robust coaching program ever designed for MTT players, utilizing data from millions of hands and hundreds of thousands of tournaments

Course summary

Our approach is both radical and revolutionary.

We have engineered our own custom game models, which give us tremendous edges over conventional solvers. These strategies are impossible to replicate by copy and pasting hand histories and following the outputs. We have the most comprehensive archive of GTO solutions, yet we go far, far beyond to show you opportunities to maximize your win-rate more than anyone thought possible. You will become an expert in optimal theory and practice, in the most efficient and straightforward way possible.

We have player profiled our strategies. You will learn how to maximally exploit tight recreational players, the most aggressive recs, and the most challenging regs you will eventually face when you progress to the elite high stakes fields.

Mindset strategy

What separates us from the rest is our attention to mindset.

The players who ultimately make it to the very top separate themselves from the rest with their strong mindset and mental resilience. MTTs are tough. You play long sessions, grinding out tournament after tournament with extreme variance, ‘bad beats’ along the way, each and every day. Without being mentally prepared for the path in front of you, invariably you will veer off it. It’s important to realize that this is the very element that gives you the greatest opportunity to crush. Opportunity always lies in areas of life that are the most difficult. With a strong mindset you dominate your competition, including the other regs who fall short in this area. You also achieve far greater volume, and generally feel much better about life.

We care greatly about every member of our team and have arranged all the support systems necessary to breed success. Not only that, we organize regular team getaways all over the world so that we can relish life together while offering the highest value coaching opportunities. Succeeding with Detox is not just in poker, it’s a lifestyle choice.

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What’s Included

The deal
the network


Great opportunities to connect with our entire team to form lasting friendships and collaborations. We host retreats multiple times each year with the intention of cultivating a deeper connection within the team.


The coaching consists of a combination of:

  • Regular group coaching sessions
  • Core syllabus:
    • Video lectures covering every area of the game
    • Extensive coaching video library in addition to weekly live coaching sessions
    • Playbooks covering all common lines in the pre- and post-flop game tree
    • Sophisticated data research of your data, using advanced statistical techniques beyond HM2/PT4
    • Preflop solver library and quizzes
    • Post-flop solver library and quizzes
  • Comprehensive ICM charts
    • Cev Charts
  • 1-1/individual hand history reviews
  • Mental game workshops
  • Live streaming sessions
  • Optional group retreats (at your own expense) in paradise locations across the world
  • Expert fitness advice

The deal

Based on your application, we will put you into the tier of our team that we believe Is most suitable. We operate tiers from the micro stakes all the way up to our top tier level including the highest stakes.

Tier 1-2 students get a 40/60 profit split, Tier 3-5 students get a 50/50 profit split. Our contracts are for 18 months, and we may offer renewal incentives for students who continue with us beyond that point, including improved profit cuts and the opportunity to get paid as coaches for lower tier levels.

Our program is designed so that Tier 1 students can progress to Tier 3 within one month if they are dedicated and consistent in their work effort, and successfully pass the performance reviews. We believe that the most dedicated can reach Tier 5 within a year.

You must be able to dedicate at least 20 hours per week to play plus study. You should have savings or a part-time job for life expense stability.


We are excited to offer you the most lucrative referral scheme out there. You have uncapped potential to earn a very substantial amount of money simply by referring your friends to the team.

If their application is successful, you will be eligible for a share of their profits:

  • Refer 1+ friends successfully – earn 5% of their profit split
  • Refer 3+ friends successfully – earn 7.5% of their profit split
  • Refer 5+ friends successfully – earn 10% of their profit split

Payouts are calculated across all your successful referrals combined each year, and makeup is deducted from the profit total. You get paid at the end of the year the net amount.

Example: You refer 14 friends over the course of a year.

  • Five are successful in their application to the team. After one year, the five of them make +$150k, +$80k, +$60k, +$7k and -$3k. They split some profit throughout the year, so at the end of the year in total they have $20k makeup owed (money they lost at the tables since their last profit splits).
  • You will receive 10% of $75k+$40k+$30k+$3.5k-$3k-$20k= $12,550.
  • This assumes that all players referred are Tier 3 players earning a 50% profit share.

You will continue earning for as long as they are part of the team, so you could get referral income for years, and of course you could keep working with us and referring year after year, and grow your earnings that way.

This is an exclusive promotion only available for existing team members (you cannot refer friends if you are not a member of our team). We reserve the right to amend or end this promotion at any time, but if we do this it does not affect any of your previous referral earnings in any way.

If you refer a player who is on a coaching only contract the referral percentages are as follows

  • Refer 1+ friends successfully – earn 2% of their profit split
  • Refer 3+ friends successfully – earn 3% of their profit split
  • Refer 5+ friends successfully – earn 4% of their profit split

the network

Building a trusted, high power network is one of the most difficult things for a poker player to do. The goal of ‘The Network’ is to offer premium financial & community benefits to our high performing graduate players beyond their tenure.


Ivan Stokes

Co-Founder/Lead Coach
Ivan Stokes, a two-time Supernova Elite player, is our lead strategy developer and coach. 
In 2016, he put together a small team of 10 players, and coached them to $600,000 in profits that year. One of those students went on to reach a career high of #14 on the PocketFives world rankings.⁣ In the three years since, he has been refining his knowledge in the pursuit of building a much larger team. He spends his time on research & development and making sense of huge databases of information to distill into data-driven max exploit strategies. ⁣

Is our program right for you?

  • If you LOVE poker and you are serious about applying yourself to the game using a scientific method
  • If you crave the support and positive influence of an elite community
  • If you value contribution and want to help others improve alongside you
  • If you are ready to give up the GTO pipe-dream and take a more relevant approach to poker

Yes it is

  • If you’re in this for short-term monetary results and you already spend most of your time thinking about moving onto other ventures after poker
  • If you prefer to study irrelevant parts of the game, like perfecting your GTO preflop ranges
  • If you are not interested in getting to high stakes or realizing your potential as a poker player
  • If beating low/mid stakes is “good enough” for you

sorry, we’re not for you

gain access to

  • Up to date research findings on pools trends across all stakes
  • Complex data transformed into simplified strategies
  • Opportunities for team and mindset retreats
  • Team grind-house for major tournament series
  • Professional collaborations and friendships
  • Elite Network invites for our high performing graduates
  • A minimum of 25 hours dedicated to play/study per week

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Frequently asked questions

Does the program cost anything to join?
No. Only your commitment and dedication.
How much of my winnings do I keep?
  • Tier 1 – The profit split begins as a 40% / 60% split.
  • Tier 3 – The profit split increases to 50% / 50% split.
How long will my contract with Poker Detox last?
The initial terms are for 24 months
Do I play with my own money?
No, unless you are part of the coaching only agreement. With this agreement you benefit from an improved profit split of 75/25.
How much time should I expect to devote to this course?
You should be prepared to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week to study and play. Students should have sufficient savings or a part time job for life expense stability.

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